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Kahoot Game:  In this fun Kahoot game you can guess little know facts about your Hillside teachers.  Enter the Kahoot either way:

Kahoot game


Cultural Corner – Art, Museums and More 

Click picture below to take a virtual tour of any of 31 national parks (Note it does take a minute to load, then a National Park menu appears on right hand side):

national parks tour


“Art for Isolation” from Utah Museum of Contemporary Art:


Scarlet’s Adventure Living Planet Aquarium:


Tour the Florida Aquarium with Some Adorable African Penguins:


Endangered Species Activities

Many of the fellow species we share this planet with face threats to their survival.  There are actions we can take to help.  Click the picture below for “10 Easy Things You Can Do to Help Endangered Species”:


10 Easy Things You Can Do to Protect Endangered Species

More links for Endangered Species Day activities and information:

Take a virtual wildlife tour with beautiful, artistic photos of wildlife and a map of their location.  Complete activities to go with the field trip:


Nature themed Zentangles to color, care for animals and peace out:   


bison origami:


Wear it Wild Flamingo mask:     This is the website for the Endangered Species Coalition.  Participate in a “Get outside for Endangered Species Day Identification Challenge! Read articles about endangered species such as wolves, southern orcas, or the “creature feature” about the Bowhead Whale.  Send an E card for Endangered Species day.       World Wildlife Fund has resources for parents and teachers, activities, lessons, livestreams and videos with scientists about marine life, coral reefs, climate change, animal trivia games and loads of cool footage of species such as the snow leopard, pandas, & giant tortoises, art projects and more.   National Federation of Wildlife offers activities such as virtual field trips, how to plant a pollinator garden, help scientists sort, classify and review wildlife data and more. 


April is National Poetry Month 


In these times of quarantine and social distancing, poetry can be a friend, a bit of wisdom, a source of inspiration, humor or solace. In honor of National Poetry Month, read, listen to, recite, write, memorize or share poetry.  Have fun with words and the beauty of language! See links to resources below:

National Poetry Month  30 poetry activities to do from home while social distancing    The Favorite Poem Project, cosponsored by Boston College and the Library of Congress, is dedicated to celebrating, documenting, and encouraging poetry's role in Americans' lives. Watch or listen to citizens read poems they love  Find poems, group by age like Poems for Teens, Listen to Audio poems, poem of the day, explore a poet, browse podcasts under “Learn and Teens” section    Features biographies, poetry collections, a Shakespeare primer, quizzes and more.   Shows a collection of classical poems for children written by a variety of poets. Poems range from "fun and lively to solemn and thought-provoking." They can be downloaded and printed.   12 poems that speak to middle school students – a teacher site but has great poems with thematic prompts and poetic devices to focus on


Poetry Books


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