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Hillside Val-O-Grams
Hillside Open House
Hillside Open House
Library Read-A-Thon
Library Read-a-Thon

News and Announcements


Highland High 8th Grade Registration Form             

On February 7th Highland High and East High school counselors will meet with students in U.S. History classes for registration.  Students will receive materials and bring them back two days later. 

If any questions please call one of our counselors:

Cari Fifield  481-4828 ext. 1004   Liz Neff-Mikolash 481-4828 ext. 1013

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Hillside 7th graders will be registering in their Language Arts classes. They will be bringing paper work home as per evenings listed below. Incoming (6th grade students) will work through their elementary school.

7th Grade Courses Registration Form click here.

Hillside 7th Graders Registration for Going into 8th Grade Dates & Form

Hillside 8th Grade Course Offerings & Registration Form click here.

Gage Language Arts 7-Wednesday, February 1st 

McLaughlin  Language Arts 7-Tuesday, February 6

Trefethen Language Arts-Wednesday, February 1

If any questions please call one of our counselors:

Cari Fifield  481-4828 ext. 1004   Liz Neff-Mikolash 481-4828 ext. 1013

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Director's Notes


Hey all! A couple big weeks ahead of us. I can't believe we're essentially 3 weeks away! It's going to go by super-fast. Please read EVERYTHING BELOW and sign up to help wherever and whenever you can!

  • Shout-Outs and Sponsorships Submissions is now closed. 
  • CONCESSIONS: Per the parent meeting, I ask every participating child to donate one, bulk, non-liquid concession item to be sold during the performances. You may now start bringing these into the school during school OR rehearsal hours. Please make sure your child's name is on it! Kimmie Utley is in charge of concessions and has sent out multiple ideas and requests. Please reach out to her for any further questions!
  • SCHEDULE: Nothing has changed this week as far as hours of rehearsal. Just clarified who is working on what and so on. Look over it and let me know if you have any questions. Please take time to look ahead on the schedule as many large changes will soon go into play. 
    • Click "see more" to access full schedule
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Show someone you care with a fun Val-O-Gram treat delivered in class! On sale during lunches only!  Funds raised go to help our fabulous PTA, so it's a doubly good thing to do!  On sale January 30 - February 10th.

Val-O-Gram menu:

Ring Pop         .50              Colored Rose        $3.00

Fun Dip           .50              Chocolate Heart    $3.00 

Mini Animal  $3.00              Rice Krispies        $1.00

Husky TV Message (Read Friday before Valentines or on Valentines)- - $1.00

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School Counselor 8th grade Conferences

HILLSIDE MIDDLE SCHOOL COUNSELORS INVITE YOU TO 8th Grade Plan for College and Career Readiness Conferences

Your school counseling team would love to invite you to come to an 8th Grade Plan for College and Career Readiness Conference. This conference is an “individual” session with you, your child, and a school counselor.

Click See more or news post title for details and to sign up for appointments.

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