Sarah Trefethen

About Me

What should I write here about myself, I wonder?  I think I’ll torture you with a poem utilizing anaphora, which surely all of my students know by now.

I am from a place where the wind blows most of the time.  To me, 45 mph is a breeze, not wind.
I am from a place where it snows and doesn’t melt until summer.  And in summer, it sometimes snows again.
I am from 5 sisters and 2 brothers
From fights over the telephone, tall hair, Aquanet, and glasses the size of saucers.
From driving an hour to get to school, then an hour to get home.
(Unless, of course, it snowed.  Then you’d be lucky to only be driving for an hour).
I am from reading books all day long, and sometimes all night.
Frantic to find out how the book ends, but devastated when it was over.
No bake cookies, ants on a log, hot dogs on pizza, and hot dogs with mashed potatoes.
Did I say hot dogs in pasta?
I was amazed when I saw oranges growing on a tree in December (!)
And am still amazed that people in Utah let fruit fall off of trees uneaten.
College:  Rock Springs, San Diego, San Francisco, Willamette U.
Degrees: AA, BA, MA, Yay!




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