Principal's Message


From the Desk of Mrs. Berntson

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I want to inform you of procedures to follow that will support a positive experience for you and your student at Hillside:

Student use of cell phones: Student cell phones are to be turned off during the school day from 8:25am – 3:15pm. The purpose for this rule is to keep students’ focus on their school work and studies, rather than texting, taking pictures, and social media. If your student has his or her phone out for any reason, it will be taken from the student and logged in the office for you to come pick up.

Student becomes ill at school: Please encourage your student to visit the office to call home if sick. This helps the school know what is happening with your student and assist them until you come. Often times, a student will notify you by cell phone and wait in the restroom until you come; but we don’t know that has happened and then need to search the school for your student.

Parent needs to contact student: Please call the office to speak with your student first. We are able to have the student come to the office to speak with you by phone or in person. This will keep the student safe and be less of a distraction for the teacher and class.

I sincerely want to thank you for entrusting Hillside with your student’s education during these middle years.


Mrs. Berntson

Hillside Middle School

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